Art Against War | Susana Girón

Susana Girón | Aley. Beirut. Lebanon. 2014

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are sheltered in Beirut (Lebanon), between them a small community of young artists. In time of war, there is no possibility of doing art, only they have to seek to survive.

ART RESIDENCE ALEY is a place for the hope and the creativity, and the incredible project and positive thrown by the Civil Syrian Engineer Raghad Mardini, which came to the Lebanon in 2008, before the Syrian war was beginning. This residence constructed on the ruins of the former stable for horses destroyed by the war of the Lebanon, every month two Syrian artists who have escaped of the war in his country and go to the Lebanon.

The majority of they cannot return to Syria under the danger of being a recruit in the army and bound to fight.