Humanae | Angélica Dass

Angélica Dass

Humanae is a work in progress project, of the Brazilian Angelica Dass who tries to open a chromatic catalogue of the different colors of skin.

This taxonomía of proportions borgianas adopts the format of PANTONE`S guides, which awards to the sample a degree of horizontal hierarchic that dilutes without exclamations the false preeminence of a few races on others depending on the leather color. The presentation of the infinite range of chromatic shades induces the spectator to think about one of the dual meanings that contains the word identity: the one that associates it evenly.

Angélica Dass activates the extraordinary simplicity of this semantic mechanism with a “innocent” displacement of the socio-political context of the racial problem to an innocuous way, because it is a chromatic catalogue where the primary colors have exactly the same importance that the mixed ones.

Alejandro Castellote.