Namobuddha | Eva Sala

Eva Sala | Nophotovoz

NAMMOBUDDHA is a participative photographic project realized by teen monks Buddhists of Namobuddha’s monastery and belongs to the project PACHADI NEPAL PROJECT.

NAMMOBUDDHA is a monastery center of Buddisht peregrination, located at 40 kilometres from Kathmandu.The place is a target acquaintance of peregrination because one of the Budda Shakyamuni embodiment happened there. He offered his body to a tigress in order that it could feed to his hungry puppies. Nowadays 350 monks are living in this monastery, the majority of they are young women and children students. For some families, if a son became a monk, at least during a stage of his life, is an opportunity to accede to a qualify educational formation.

The monastery is a place where community life is essential, not only the teen monks who took part in Pachadi Nepal workshop project could take part of it, even the cameras were shared & used by monks of all the of ages.

The proposal to participate in the project was very welcome at the school where the monks goes to study. They wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to experiment and create. The photographers participants had never shoot with a camera before. Lhakpa Samdup, Nagawang Tserieng, Dawa Rabsal, Sangay and Lhakpa Dorje – from 14 to 17 years – remained hours to the dream and left for a few days his goads – religious rituals – to learn the managing of the chamber, to construct a dark chamber, to show his daily life with images, to do with the light, to translate the emotions in images or to mount a projection.

In the principal temple of the monastery an exhibition was realized and the participants acquired the knowledge to be able to teach other pupils later.

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